Exclude Bot Hits from Counterize

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Exclude Bot Hits from Counterize v2.0

Counterize 另一個可以修改的地方是它會計算 Bot(1) 的來訪。剛才看見作者留言板上有人說要不停加入不同 Bot 的 IP 到 Exclusion List 頗為麻煩,但是其實有捷徑的。因為多數 Bot 的 Useragent 裏都會有「bot」這個字串,所以可以靠檢查 Useragent 來減去 Bot count。
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In order to exclude all bot hit count from Counterize, we can compare the user-agent(2) with string “bot”. Simply add two lines into counterize.php can do:

around lines 377:
$checkval = strpos($excludelist, $remoteaddr);

Add these two lines after them:
if (!(stristr($useragent, ‘bot’) === FALSE))
$checkval = TRUE;

This will exclude most bot hit. But still, Yahoo bots use the same user-agent as Mozilla 4.X, thus we need to add these Yahoo! Slurp IPs into our exclusion list:

Yahoo! Slurp IP (from Search Engine Genie):

Then Counterize should filter most bot hits. I may post some other bot IPs which cannot be filtered by checking user-agent here if I find some. Anyone who have better idea of filtering bot hit please share your method 😀

遲些考完試再試一試另開紀錄來處理 Bot Hits,這個比較多功夫,這幾天不試了。


(1):Bot 即是自動閱讀網頁的程式,例如 Yahoo! 及 Google 都有這種程式來取得網頁資料。
(2): user-agent indicate what software that the client is using.


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