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國際唱片業協會 (IFPI) 今年將重點打擊網誌背景音樂的侵權行為,會有專人24小時監察,並會向侵權網誌負責人發出警告,若勸喻無效不排除作出檢控。同時,IFPI 亦提出會考慮設立網站,提供合法於網誌使用音樂的渠道。發言人表示現時傾向免費,但又指出「終極原則仍是付費享用」,以及沒有說明會否附加 DRM 或刪短樂曲。


此行動最令人費解的是,IFPI 真的認為聘請專人 24 小時監察全港網誌,繼而發警告信甚至檢控,真的合符成本效益嗎?還有,如果 IFPI 真的會設立合法免費使用音樂的途徑,那麼現在花人力物力來監察及檢控又有何意義?

English abstract:
(I make this part as I’ve post this news on digg)

IFPI HK said their main target on 2007 is stopping illegal use of music as blog background music. They will hire people to monitor all Hong Kong blogs, 24hours per day non-stop. They will send warning letter, and even sue bloggers, who use copyrighted music on their blogs. Does this action really benefit the record companies, composers and artists?
(There is no formal process for Hong Kong bloggers to pay or get permission to use music.)

A lawyer reminds that bloggers can still use music which the artist has dead 50 years ago, and IFPI has no way to sue them. Also, if the music is too short, that one can’t tell where it comes from, then IFPI will be unable to sue bloggers.

Meanwhile, they also said they may consider setting up website to provide legal use of music for blog’s background music, in which they are planning to make it free (they didn’t mention if the music will be DRMed or shorten). So what’s the point to monitor blogs and sue people now?

2 thoughts on “IFPI 24小時全天候監察全港網誌

  1. IFPI is always stupid. They have only 單元價值觀, which strangle the diversity of presentation. All these objectives is to, obnoxiously, monopolize the source of media for cultural hegemony!


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