Lotus Domino: SearchViewEntries agent

Domino 6 provides ReadViewEntries, to return a view as XML. It is a very useful function, when user need to create highly customized layout. Usually, a consistent layout to listing and searching is preferred, but here comes the problem: Domino have no build-in fuction to return search result as XML. So, we will need to build a agent for that.

I’ve found that, Vince DiMascio has kindly done that for us, creating a SearchViewEntries agent. But I’d like to expend its feature, so that it comes more like the ReadViewEntries. The code is here:
The agent should be called from web by this format:

Anyway, I still hope that IBM can provides SearchViewEntries as build-in feature, so that it could be more optimized.

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Lotus – Profile Document Cache


This year I’m being a student placement in a company, involving in IBM Lotus Domino application development. I’ve gone through some tasks about program development or enhancement, which I’ve faced many problems on Lotus Domino. Some of them may have solution, where some of them are the weakness of Lotus. I’ve spent a lot of time to explorer these issues, and hope that I can share my experience here, to save your time.

What’s profile document?

First, I’ll talk about the Profile Document Caching problem. Profile Document is very useful for developing domino application, as it can serve as setting documents which is cached in RAM, for fast access. Also, in web access, it has a advantage that using @GetProfileField have no field size limit (unlike @DBColumn or @DBLookup), that it is a quick solution to load large amount of text.