My worries and opinions to BAT (Basic Attention Token)

Image: print screen from BAT

Recently I’m trying to learn about Blockchain related technologies. While I’m trying LikeCoin, my friend told me to check out Basic Attention Token too. At a quick glance, I’ve found the idea of BAT quite interesting.

As Tim Wu written in The Attention Merchants, now everyone’s attention is being mined by advertisers. The advertising industry is digging too deep into everyone’s daily life. Probably Google and Facebook now understand myself more than I do! When I heard about BAT, I like the idea of revamp the online advertising industry and shield user behaviour information from those internet giant. People should have better control about their privacy while enjoying the internet. That may brings us a healthier network, and probably healthier future (because our life will only involved deeper in network when entering IoT era ).

After reading whitepaper and various materials, it seems there is a lot of barriers lying upon BAT. I started to worry that if this project can really achieve its objective. Below are my opinions on this project, wish to share with all of you.